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Facilities & Locations

Christ Lutheran Church
2626 Sir Francis Drake Blvd., Fairfax
We start our day off at 9 am at Christ Lutheran Church. This facility is a large beautiful property hugged by a hillside of majestic trees, perfect for fort building. At the entrance of the facility is a shaded area with picnic tables and a ping pong table. This is where we eat lunch and do crafts and board games during down time. There is a large open area where campers play baseball, capture the flag, kick ball and more. A Gaga Ball Pit sits to the side. Walking to the back of the open area, you cross a rustic bridge over a dry creek. On the other side you'll find a large outdoor theater and stage. Campers love to perform their group skits here. Still further along is an outdoor basketball court also used for prison ball, dodge ball and more.

  Manor Elementary School
150 Oak Manor Drive, Fairfax
After lunch at 1 pm we make our way over to Manor School. Kids ride their bikes or walk along the path with counselors help and supervision. At Manor, campers play games of soccer, pickle, home run derby and more on the large grass field. The extensive blacktop cement area is great for biking, basketball, hopscotch and jump rope. Two jungle gyms give campers plenty of space to practice their monkey swings.
  Cañon Swim & Tennis Club
135 Mitchell Drive, Fairfax
At 3:30 pm, we hop back on our bikes or walk the paths to Cañon Swim and Tennis Club. We finish our day off cooling down with a swim in their beautiful pool. Campers can also play tennis on the lower courts or ping pong in the covered downstairs rec room. This is the location for Swim Lessons as well.
Canon Swim and Tennis Club