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Mark and Julie Anderson –
Owners and Directors

Mark is the owner and founder of Cañon Kids Sports Camp. He is a Marin County native who grew up as a sports fanatic and became a high school and college star in swimming, water polo and basketball. He has kept his love of sport alive by devoting his life passion to teaching and coaching kids.

Mark started his coaching career as a senior in High School, taking an assistant coaching position for the Sleepy Hollow Swim Team. After 3 years, Mark took over as head coach and has been there ever since. He is in his 26th year as head coach with an amazing record of accomplishments. In line with his love of aquatic sports, Mark has also been the coach of the Drake High School boys water polo team for 18 years and is currently head coach and founder of the Sleepy Hollow Aquatics Water Polo Club. In 2015 Mark was inducted into the Marin County Athletic Hall of Fame for his excellence in coaching.

22 years ago, Mark married his now business partner, Julie. Julie is also a native of Marin County. She grew up with her 9 brothers and sisters in a very active household. While growing up, Julie played and excelled in many sports although by the time she got in to high school she decided to dedicate her athletic career to swimming. She became a high school and college All-American and swam for the University of California at Berkeley on a swimming scholarship. When Julie was 15, she started teaching kids her love and knowledge of swimming as an instructor at the Sleepy Hollow Swim Club. In college she later became the assistant coach to Mark on the Sleepy Hollow Swim Team. She and Mark coached together for 5 years until they got married and started a family. She currently directs the Cañon Kids Sports Camp with Mark and has also been the director of the Sleepy Hollow Summer Swim Lesson program for the last 16 years.

Over the years Mark and Julie have coached together and run their businesses together. They have 4 boys, all of whom you will see at camp working as counselors or being campers themselves. When they had their first son, it was their vision to start a summer day camp focused on getting kids outside, off the couch and away from electronics. They have created a place where kids can feel safe, have a great time learning sports, build relationships, explore and get dirty! The beautiful campuses at Christ Lutheran Church, Cañon Swim and Tennis Club and Manor School are the perfect locations for kids to enjoy these activities. The Cañon Kid Sports Camp reminds parents of what camps used to be like when they were kids.

Mark and Julie are proud of their long history of great counselors. Being a long time coach in the Ross Valley Community, allows Mark the opportunity to meet, coach and build long lasting relationships with some of the best of the best. These are the high school and college aged people that are hired to pass along their passion for life and sports.



Cañon Kids Sports Camp

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